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Moving Forward and Beyond in Education: Concept of FLEXIBLE LEARNING PATHWAYS

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AutoriusReda Nausėdaitė, Vytautė Juška, Asta Daunorienė, Kristina Ukvalbergienė
e. ISBN978-609-02-1820-4
LeidyklaKTU leidykla „Technologija“
Išleidimo metai2022
Puslapių sk.46


Flexible Learning Pathways (FLP) serves for the acquisition of knowledge in a flexible and personalised approach when the learner can adapt their learning journey based on their needs, interests, and circumstances at different stages of life. This report at hand sets out the key elements of the Flexible Learning Pathways concept, summarised according to the different elements within the system: needs for the FLP, the elements of the FLP, and the implementation of the FLP. The report encompasses all aspects of the FLP ecosystem. The FLP serves as a future-proof learning model, which, if implemented successfully, will revolutionise educational offering throughout Europe and beyond. Learning as such will not finish after graduating from a traditional university as the FLP allows exploring and learning new skills and competences through life-long learning, thereby uniting business, learners, and academic institutions.  

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