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Calculation of the Total Construction Price

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AutoriusOdeta Viliūnienė, Gediminas Viliūnas
e. ISBN978-609-02-1696-5
LeidyklaKTU leidykla „Technologija“
Išleidimo metai2020
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This educational book has been prepared on the basis of civil engineering and architecture study programmes and it describes the classification of buildings, calculation of building construction works for separate types of construction, rules for the estimation of the areas of buildings; use of standards for the costs of works, materials and mechanisms; calculation of the estimated price of construction; preparation of the registers of the needs for resources in preparation of local, object and summary estimates. It will be useful for the students of civil engineering and architecture in obtaining more knowledge which is necessary for establishing the price of construction works. It will also be useful for the Master and Bachelor students in preparation of their final works.