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Basis of Modeling of Thermal Hydraulic Processes in Nuclear Reactors

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AutoriusEugenijus Ušpuras, Algirdas Kaliatka
e. ISBN978-609-02-0935-6
LeidyklaKTU leidykla „Technologija“
Išleidimo metai2013
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The textbook presents the main issues of modeling of thermal hydraulic processes in nuclear reactors. It includes the basics of mathematical modeling of thermal hydraulic processes occurring at accident and transient processes in reactor cooling system, discussion on the computer codes used for the analysis. This textbook summarizes the experience in the analysis of thermal-hydraulic processes, gained in Lithuanian Energy Institute starting 1994. Most of it is related to the safety of Ignalina NPP with RBMK-1500 reactors. The textbook is intended for the Master students in Study module programme “Modeling of Processes During the Transients in Nuclear Reactors”. This book will be also useful for the PhD students (for Study module programme “Simulation of Accidental Thermal-Hydraulic Processes”) and for technical and research officers from scientific research institutes, employees of the Regulatory body and for anyone interested in safety of nuclear energy.  

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