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1. Introduction
1.1. Learning programme, laboratory and individual tasks
1.2. Standards
1.3. Formats
1.4. Borders and frame
1.5. Title block
1.7. Scale
1.8. Lettering
1.9. Dimensioning
2. Geometric drawing
2.1. Principal geometrical constructions
2.2. Dividing a circle into 6 equal parts
2.3. Dividing a straight line into a given number of equal parts
2.4. Drawing a tangent curve to the given lines
2.5. Bisecting a line
2.6. Drawing an arc tangent to two other arcs
2.7. Drawing a tangent line to an arc (or a circle)
2.8. Drawing an arc tangent to straight line and another arc
2.9. Individual task No.1 “Geometric constructions”
3. Projection drawing
3.1. Views. Multiview projection. Views indication in the drawing
3.2. Laboratory work No. 2 “Six principal views”
3.3. Simple, complex sectional views. Sections
3.4. Individual task No.3 “Simple sectional views 1”
3.5. Individual task No.4 “Simple sectional views 2
3.6. Individual task No.5 “Complex sectional views. Section”
4. Technical drawing
4.1. Threads representation in drawings. Thread joints. Assembly drawings
4.2. Threads terminology
4.3. Thread representation in a drawing
4.4. Types of threads
4.5. Assembly drawings
4.6. Individual task No.6 “Threaded joints”
4.7. Threaded fasteners
4.8. Technical sketching
4.9. Steps in making sketches
4.10. Laboratory work No.7 “Technical sketching”
4.11. Reading and detailing of an assembly drawing
4.12. Individual task No.8 “Detailing of an assembly drawing”
Individual tasks “Geometric constructions”
Individual tasks “Simple sectional views 1”
Individual tasks “Simple sectional views 2”
Individual tasks “Complex sectional views. Section”
Individual tasks “Threaded joints”

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