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1. Selected Vehicle Technical Characteristics
1.1. Vehicle Dimensions, Wheel Base, Track Width (Vehicle Projections)
1.2. Engine Technical Parameters, Speed Torque and Power Characteristics
1.4. Vehicle Tyre Dimensions
1.5. Vehicle Dynamic Characteristics: Maximum Speed and Acceleration
2. Vehicle Weight Distribution of the Front and Rear Axles, Calculations of the Vehicle Center of Gravity
2.1. Vehicle Components Arrangement in Scheme (Lateral Projection)
2.2. Main Vehicle Components Arrangement on Coordinate axes x and z
2.3. Vehicle Axle Distance to the Front Bumper on Coordinate Axis x
3. Theoretical Calculations of the Vehicle Gearbox
3.1. Wheel Static Radius Calculation
3.2. Theoretical Gearbox Transmission Ratio Calculations
3.3. Checking Anti-Slip Conditions
4. The Dynamics of the Wheel
4.1. Wheel Angular Velocity
4.2. Wheel Moment
4.3. Dynamic Radius of the Wheel
4.4. Kinematic Radius of the Wheel
5. Forces Acting on the Vehicle
5.1. The Engine Torque Reserve
5.2. Transmission Power Loss
5.3. Wheel Rolling Resistance Force
5.4. Air Resistance Force
6. Vehicle Pull (Traction) Analysis
7. Vehicle Movement in the Corner
8. Critical Vehicle Rollover Angle in the Vertical. Longitudinal Plane of the Vehicle
9. Vehicle Fuel Consumption
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