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Methodological Guidelines for the Preparation of Written Works
Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
1. Types of Written Works and Their Descriptions
1.1. Final Degree Projects
1.3. Summary
1.4. Paper
1.5. Reflection on Action
1.6. Essay
1.7. Peer Assessment
1.8. Self-assessment
1.9. Other Academic Works and Their Description
1.9.1. Learning/student Portfolio
1.9.2. Concept Map
1.9.3. Idea Map
2. Formal Requirements for Written Works
2.1. Preparation of the Text of the Written Work
2.2. Requirements for Visual Material
2.3. Requirements for Presentations
2.4. Sources of Academic Writing in English
3. Search for Information Sources and Their Use in Written Works
3.1. Effective Search for Information
3.1.1. Process and Stages of Search
3.1.2. Information Sources Management Tools
3.2. Use of Information Sources in Written Works
3.2.1. Plagiarism and Its Prevention
3.2.2. Quotations and Provision of References in the Text
3.2.3. Quotation Styles and Examples
Appendix 1. Standard Form of the Title Page of a Written Work
Appendix 2. Template of the Final Degree Project
Appendix 3. Forms of the Title Page of the Joint Final Degree Project of Major and Minor Studies
Appendix 4. Forms of the Title Page of the Final Degree Project of a Joint Study Programme

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