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Engineering Graphics
1. Points and Lines
1.1. Projection Planes
1.2. Projection of Points
1.3. Projection of Lines
1.3.1. Lines Parallel to Projection Planes
1.3.2. Lines Perpendicular to Projection Planes
1.3.3. General Position Line
1.4. Position of Lines
2. Projection of Planes
2.1. Planes Parallel to Projection Planes
2.2. Planes Perpendicular to Projection Planes
2.3. A Point and a Line Lying on a Plane
2.4. A Line Parallel to a Plane. Two Parallel Planes
3. Intersection of a Line and a Plane
4. Solids and Surfaces
4.1. Generation of Surfaces
4.2. Intersection of a Surface and a Plane
4.3. Intersection of a Surface and a Line

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