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Laboratory Work No. 1. The Main Properties of Building Materials
1.1. Material Density Determination
1.1.1. Density Determination of Regular Geometric Shape Homogeneous Samples
1.1.2. Density Determination of Irregular Geometric Shape Homogeneous Samples
1.2. Determination of Moisture Content in the Samples
1.3. Determination of Compressive Strength of the Samples
Laboratory Work No. 2. Calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) Materials Research
2.1. Lime Activity Setting
2.2. Composition Calculation of CSH Samples
2.3. CSH Samples Formation
2.4. Density Determination of CSH Samples
2.5. Compressive and Flexural Strength Determination of CSH Samples
Laboratory Work No. 3. Research of Blown Perlite
3.1. Determination of Water Content in Perlite
3.2. Perlite Rock Bulk Density Determination
3.3. Expansion of Perlite
3.4. Determination of Expanded Perlite Bulk Density
3.5. Calculation of Expansion Degree
3.6. The Determination of Unexpanded Perlite Particles Content
3.7. Calculation of Expanded Perlite Thermal Conductivity Coefficien
3.8. Compressive Strength Determination of Expanded Perlite Pellets
Laboratory Work No. 4. Research of Expanded Polystyrene
4.1. Expanded Polystyrene Bead Fineness Determination
4.2. The Determination of Gaseous Isopentane Content in Polystyrene
4.3. Expanded Polystyrene Samples Formation
4.4. Determination of Moisture Content in Expanded Polystyrene Samples
4.5. Expanded Polystyrene Sample Density Determination
4.6. Compressive Strength Determination of Expanded Polystyrene Samples
4.7. Calculation of Expanded Polystyrene Sample Thermal Conductivity Coefficient λ
Laboratory Work No. 5. Masonry Product Research
5.1. Masonry Product Research. Determination of Dimensions and Surface Flatness
5.2 Masonry Products Research. Apparent Density (Gross Value), Net Volume, Net Density and Compress
5.3. Masonry Products Research. Determination of Compressive Strength
Laboratory Work No. 6. Research of Porous Concrete
6.1. Specific Surface Determination of Ground Quartz Sand (SiO2)
6.2. Determination of Lime CaO Activity Ao
6.3. The Calculation of Porous Concrete Formative Mixture Composition
6.4. Formation of Porous Concrete Specimens and Determination of -Porous Mixture Density
6.5. Determination of Blowing Degree of Porous Concrete Formative Mixture
6.6. The Determination of Porous Concrete Samples Porosity and -Gaseous Exploitation Coefficient
6.7. Determination of Porous Concrete Specimen Density
6.8. Determination of Porous Concrete Samples Compressive Strength
6.9. The Determination of Water Absorption in Porous Concrete Samples

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