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Design of Mechanical Detail Drawings and 3D Modeling with CAD Systems
1. Two-Dimensional Graphical Objects Design with AutoCAD 2018
1.1. Welcome to AutoCAD 2018
1.2. Laboratory works with AutoCAD system
Laboratory work No.1. Text writing
Laboratory work No.2. 2D Drawing composition
Precise drawing
Draw circles
Convex Arc drawing
Lines L1, L2, L3 and L4 drawing
Axis editing
Stiffener rib drawing
Polygon (square) drawing
Front and Left Side views creation
The linear dimensions
Sectional view path indication
Change the line width
1.3. 3D Modeling
Coordinate systems in AutoCAD
Surface modeling
Draw the leg’s generatrix
Create a revolved surface
Design of a reading lamp located on the table
Rotational surface creation
Lamp housing design
Lampshade holder modeling
Cylindrical surface formation
2. Three-Dimensional Parametrical Object Design with Autodesk Inventor Professional 2018 System
2.1. Welcome to Autodesk Inventor Professional System
2.2. Laboratory works with the Inventor Professional System
Parametrical profile creation
Parametric modeling of a rotational part
Parametric modeling of the base
Parametric modeling of a hopper
Guide assembly design & detail drawing preparation
A. Graphical data base creation with AutoLISP programming language
Arithmetic functions
List manipulation functions
Geometric functions
Equality and conditional functions
Executing AutoCAD command from within AutoLISP
AutoLISP function creation
Laboratory work “Profile”

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