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Basics of Machinery Mechanics Gear mechanisms Kinematical analysis
1. Three-Link Gear Mechanisms
1.1. Types of gear drives
1.2. Involutometry. Theoretical basics for the construction of gear tooth profiles
The influence of the offset of the generating cutting tool on the geometrical parameters of a gear
Basic elements of involute gear tooth action
Geometrical parameters of a helical gear drive
1.4. Non parallel-axis (spatial) gear drives
Main geometrical parameters of a bevel gear (Fig. 10)
Basic geometrical parameters of the worm gear drive
1.5. Kinematical Parameters of Gear Drives
2. Multilink Gear Mechanisms
2.1. Types of multilink gear mechanisms
2.2. Kinematical Parameters of Multilink Gear Mechanisms with Unmovable Links (Gear Trains)
Problem Solution Examples
2.3. Kinematical Parameters of Epicyclic Gear Mechanisms
Problem Solution Examples
2.4. Differentials
Problem Solution Examples
3. Transmitted Power and Efficiency of Gear Mechanisms
Problem Solution Examples
4. Problems
5. Key to Problems

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