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Guidelines for Preparing Master’s Final Degree project
1. The Nature and Aim of Master’s Final Project
3. Requirements for Final Degree
4. Defense and Assessment Order of Final Degree Projects
List of references
Appendix 1. Example of the front coverpage
Appendix 2. Example of title page and header page
Appendix 3. Declaration of academic integrity
Appendix 4. Example of task assignment
Appendix 5. Example of Supervisor’s/Reviewer’s review
Appendix 6. Example of summary in Lithuanian
Appendix 7. Example of summary in English
Appendix 8. Request regarding change of the subject of Project
Appendix 9. Request regarding change of the supervisor of Project
Appendix 10 An example of the Project text structure
Appendix 11. Requirements for technical drawings
Appendix 12. Example of a table of contents
Appendix 13. Requirements for and examples of a list of references

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